Free half hour workshop updated

There are now multiple but limited remaining bookings for our half hour taster workshop!

You can choose:

3D modelling:

  • Design a simple games character
  • Create your own logo
  • Create your own simple 3D print
  • Create a simple games level

See some of our existing student work below by Mickel Hamlin:

3D Animation:

  • Character animation
  • Creature animation
  • Logo animation


Motion Graphics:

  • Render a scene for your cosplay photo
  • Create a cool motion graphic title for your company
  • Create a cool video transition or effect for your company


Bookings available up until July 7th 2018:

Details are on also the pre orders page:


Free Half Hour Workshops

For all awesome people who follow this blog I will do a free half hour live online workshop on either 3D modelling, animation or motion graphics. Your choice!

Bookings available up until July 7th 2018 details on the pre orders page.

In this workshop you can request:

  • 3D Modelling simple objects, characters or a level

Example below:



  • 3D Animation including how to animate a character or creature:



  • How to create a video with motion graphics:


All of the above were created by DSUK and we are happy to introduce you to some of the techniques used.

Please email paul at





Editing phase of motion graphics reel

Last week I was in London filming a motion graphics reel for a client:


So what are the steps to creating a decent reel for a client from the many hours of footage that have been taken?

No .1  Back up ALL the footage, not just the bits you like

This means you spend the next few hours directly after the shoot putting the films onto hard- drive, backing it up online and making sure that nothing can be lost.  I have worked with freelancers who actually lose film footage… irredeemable sin. There are hidden gems that can save a scene which you will only find once editing starts :]

No.2  Import the footage into Adobe Premier Pro

You need an editor where you can quickly cut, edit and arrange a story. Once you know which clips work then you can do a quick export and send to the client. However…


No.3 Arrange a Story – several of them

The client may not like the first option you send them. Ego is your enemy here – so cut your ego and do several options that the client can pick from.

No.4 Refine

Criticise the reel and keep suggesting until the client is happy – at this point keep motion graphics in mind.

No.5 Motion Graphics

Ideally you will need to have templates set up and examples already done that the client likes. If not then now is the time. Marketing managers are damn useful to have breathing down your neck about fonts, type and look. If however the marketing manager is more interested if what you come up with then again – several options.


No.6 Agreed Reel

Once the reel has been agreed and signed off….Then you must export it into a format that the client can manage e.g. mobile phone, website, youtube, vimeo etc.

All of the above should be agreed beforehand and be an expected part of the process.

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